About Us

Welcome to Y2KZone, your virtual time capsule for everything Y2K and early 2000s internet nostalgia! Our goal is to transport you back to the dot-com era, share rad retro vibes, and connect fellow millennials worldwide.

Meet John Anderton – Y2K Enthusiast and Web Archaeologist

John grew up in the 90s and remembers the approaching millennium shift like it was yesterday. He fondly recalls hours spent in AOL chatrooms, downloading MIDI files, and watching Y2K disaster films. When the world didn’t end in 2000, John was kinda bummed.

He became obsessed with retro tech, collected relics like pagers and Game Boys, and even learned HTML to make Angelfire fan sites. John’s passion for the brink-of-apocalypse energy and cyberspace mysticism of the Y2K era only grew over the years. He knew he wasn’t alone in missing the neon logos and Geocities sites of Web 1.0.

In 2023, John launched Y2K Zone to resurrect the early internet’s lost art and culture. He curates digital museums dedicated to iconic web design, artifacts, and communities. John also shares guides on how to channel Y2K style and tech in the modern world. His site offers fellow millennials a one-way ticket back to the radical digital frontier of the dot-com bubble.